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How to do Casual Fridays in the workplace


While the idea of Casual Friday is a great one, allowing workers to express themselves and feel comfortable rather than restricted in corporate attire, it isn’t necessarily a free for all in terms of what to wear.

Smart casual – as the term ‘casual Friday’ – suggests is your best option. Suits are not required, but some rules do still apply. Remember, you are still at work and on the payroll of your employer. It’s not a time to look like you’ve just rolled out of bed, late, after a Sunday morning sleep-in.

The problem with casual Friday’s is that ‘casual’ is open to interpretation, and that has led to many Australian companies banning the day.

So what exactly constitutes smart casual?

Pants :

Jeans are a great option for both men and women for this casual of days. Dark denims are the best, as they mimic dress pants and give an air of professionalism. Lighter denims, whilst fantastic in some scenarios, can look washed out and worn, and better suited to mowing the lawn or doing a spring clean. Remember, of course, that your choice will be influenced by the kind of workplace you are in. If you work with creative, you may have much more freedom of choice than if you work with conservative professionals.

Tracksuit pants and loungewear are a no go. They smack of disrespect and are not conducive to getting much work done. They’re perhaps a little too casual, and there is no doubt that what you wear influences your attitude to work!


Team your jeans with a relaxed yet classic top. For men, a polo shirt or other button down shirt, with long or short sleeves and no tie, is just right. Patterns, plaids or the more casual stripes on your shirts are perfect.

Women should avoid wearing anything more revealing than their regular tops. Plunging necklines, gaping armholes or sheer materials are not professional, and are better suited to your day off or wearing at home. Instead, choose a well cut blouse which feels comfortable and includes a touch of colour.

Add a blazer or jacket and your look says professional but informal.


Your footwear is just as important. Save your excessively high heels or wedges for your Saturday night dancing, and thongs/flip flops for the beach. They’re unsafe in many work places and can look ridiculous.

Stay away from runners or sports shoes. Ballet flats, boots, or heels are perfectly okay, and casual leather shoes for men work well with your dark denims or khaki chinos. Ladies, in some offices even on casual Friday’s, sandals will be frowned on, especially those with cut-outs to expose your toes. Think before you make your final selection of footwear for the day.

Most importantly, make sure your outfit is clean and pressed.

Keep in mind that what you wear says a lot about who you are, and can share much about your work ethic, too. Taking care with your appearance, even on casual Fridays, will position you well for that promotion or plum job. Alternatively, it can see you ostracised, criticised and passed over. With a little thought, it’s easy to be casual and professional. If you would like some help putting your casual Friday outfits together, talk to a personal fashion stylist in Melbourne or contact me and I will help you create your casual yet professional style.

The simplest way to look your best.

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