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Camel Trench Style

As most of you know, I have a bit of a crush on trench coats and have been focusing on them as a trend this winter on my Instagram. The camel trench is a classic jacket that in my opinion, never goes out of style. And that’s exactly what it is; effortless style.

Whether you have a classic ‘Burberry‘ inspired trench in your wardrobe (or the real deal – lucky you!) or a modern version of the trench (think oversized, less structured) there are limitless ways to style it.

And the best news is, it doesn’t matter what style of trench you own ~ classic or modern ~ you can style them in exactly the same way! And as a personal stylist here are some ideas to do so…


What I love about a trench is it’s versatility. You can wear one over your suit or team with jeans and sneakers for casual Friday. I love this effortless look with a simple white tee, black tailored pants and white sneakers.

The addition of the neck scarf completes the look and adds a little interest. I’m all about adding those final, subtle details like a patterned silk scarf. If you’re not into wearing one around your neck, try tying one to your bag for an instant style update!

Another classic casual look is over a white shirt, cropped trousers (this could also be jeans) and trainers (this could also be a brogue or loafer ~ but keep them neutral!) And have you noticed you don’t actually have to WEAR the trench? Throw it over your shoulders for a fabulous ‘fashun’ look!

What I also love about a trench is that it’s both TIMELESS and AGELESS. A trench is appropriate at any age. I have quite a few clients who have borrowed or inherited their trench coats from their mothers and grandmothers!


Yes, I bloody LOVE this look! Oversized trench, cropped denim and a statement red bootie. Note the scarf tied around the wrist? I’m not sure about the beret, but otherwise this is one of my fave combos (OK, apart from the next look also!)

Trench, denim and white booties… LOVE! Again, notice the details like the scarf tied loosely around the neck and the sleeves cuffed to expose the garment underneath. Set yourself apart from the rest by adding your own unique quirks to your look.

OH, and here’s me doing the same! My trench is Bassike but has SOLD OUT :(

trench coat styling

OK, so where to shop? Here are my fave picks of the season, as usual ranging from cheap and cheerful to mid range to spoil yourself…

Portman’s classic trench $149.95 ON SALE $105 If you follow me on Instagram you know I LOVE this trench. Such good value and really well made.

Portman's classic trench

Arnsdorf Trench $890 MADE IN MELBOURNE

Arnsdorf Trench Coat

David Lawrence Willow classic trench $379 ON SALE $279

David Lawrence Willow Classic Trench

Zara oversized trench ON SALE $159


ZARA buttoned trench $159

By Malene Birger $415 HALF PRICE!

Malene Birger Trench Coat

DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR and check out ALL the glorious trench coats at Net-A-Porter lots ON SALE {DROOL} Also check out COS (unfortunately, they don’t have a local site so I can’t link to styles)



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