Fashion Stylist's Commitment to Buy Nothing New Month - Styled By Sally

Fashion Stylist’s Commitment to Buy Nothing New Month

fashion stylistBuy Nothing New Month is a national campaign promoted during October to encourage conscientious consumption, through a more thoughtful, less wasteful approach to shopping.

Buy Nothing New Month aims to extend the life of existing goods, maximise the value of existing stuff while promoting recycled, free-cycled, up-cycled, second hand, swishing (see below) and sustainable alternatives to buying new that are better for you, your wallet and the planet.

I was approached by The Brotherhood of St Laurence in Melbourne to get on board not only as a possible ambassador, but to provide style advice to one of its stores on Fashion Friday.

As a Fashion Stylist in Melbourne, I was more than happy to provide FREE styling on Fashion Friday- an event being held on 30th September at Hunter Gatherer stores around Melbourne.

I’ll be at the city store between 12.30- 2pm, which you can find in the Royal Arcade, between the Burke St Mall and Little Collins St.

As for being an ambassador, that took a little more thinking. The initial thought of going an entire month without buying a single (new) thing, was pretty scary!! But then I thought about it and realised that if I’m going to talk the talk, I best walk the walk.

So I am pledging that for the entire month of October, I will not buy anything new. I’m actually starting to get pretty excited about it. Excited about putting my existing pieces to better use, coming up with new ways to wear my existing pieces (something I teach my clients to do every day) and creating new outfits using what’s already hanging in my wardrobe. Who knows, I may even head to an op-shop or two!!

Whilst I am looking forward to partaking in Buy Nothing New Month, and I respect others who choose to do the same, I still have to make my living, which for the most part is taking other people shopping.

But unlike my typical spending habits, most of my clients spend very little on themselves, and rarely shop. So shopping once or twice a year for key items to see you through a season or two, in my opinion, is also a conscious consumer choice.

If you’d like to join me, you too can make your pledge at

And whilst you’re there, check out the “how to buy nothing new’ page for an explanation of all the terms.

Personally, I’m a big fan of free-cycling.. I’d love you to share yours on my Facebook Page.

Sally x

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