Personal Fashion Stylist: Building Confidence Through Clothing - Styled By Sally

Personal Fashion Stylist: Building Confidence Through Clothing


It’s no secret that the clothes we wear, and how we feel in them, impact on our level of self confidence. Have you had that feeling of heightened confidence simply because you felt good in what you were wearing? Perhaps this was for a special occasion like your wedding day, or to that job interview you nailed. So many of us roll through life not making the most of ourselves because we are lacking in confidence, convinced that clothes don’t matter. Clothes do matter. Here are a few tips from a personal fashion stylist to help build self confidence through what you wear.

First things first: know what looks good on you.

What do people compliment you on most? A beautiful neck, great legs, flawless skin, toned arms, flat tummy, broad shoulders, piercing eyes, your d√©colletage? This is what you should accentuate in your clothing. Remember to play to your strengths; if you have good legs wear skirts and dresses, a small waist wear belts, broad shoulders wear well fitting, structured shirts and jackets, flat stomach wear your tops tucked in with a smart belt, great hair and face wear accessories that draw attention to it. By drawing attention to the parts of our bodies we like or are at least happy to show off, the focus is therefore taken away from the areas we don’t like so much.

How do you feel when you try on your clothes?

When you try on a particular piece of clothing or an outfit how does your body look? How does that item or outfit make you feel? Smart, successful, sexy, intelligent, powerful, important, feminine? If the answer’s yes, then chances are that you will walk out the door and into any situation feeling confident. If your clothes leave you feeling self conscious, invisible, uncomfortable, daggy or insecure then go back inside and get changed! Some of you may think that clothes are immaterial, can make no difference to a person’s level of confidence. But clothes are one of the things that others will notice first about you, and first impressions count. A job applicant wearing a well fitting suit will make a better first impression than one hiding in an oversized, outdated one and no doubt their self confidence will shine through too.

You should feel comfortable in your clothes.

What’s the point of looking like a million bucks but feeling like you’re about to burst through the seams of your trousers or topple over your 10 inch heels head first? Not only is it important to look the goods, but you have to feel comfortable in your clothing. If your job entails walking from floor to floor, site to site, then you should wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in and won’t leave you blistered and bleeding. If your job requires you to work at a computer all day then a too tight shirt or jacket will be restricting. At the end of the day, we all have a job to do, a role to fulfil. Being able to do that job in comfort, without worrying that a waistband is about to cut off circulation, can impact on your level of self confidence.

Knowing what suits you is what matters when it comes to exuding confidence and personal style. How you feel about yourself can be influenced by the clothes you wear. How comfortable you feel in those clothes can determine the level of confidence you portray to others.

The simplest way to look your best.

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