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Styling Bikers Jacket: Tips for a Versatile Wardrobe Piece

styling bikers jacket

I love the black leather biker jacket as a fashion piece.

Firstly, the obvious; it’s black so you can team it with most of your wardrobe making it a versatile piece to own.
The cropped length makes it a neat little piece, giving the illusion of height, and its tailoring pulls in the waist, providing you with a gorgeous silhouette.

It does go with most of your wardrobe, but not with everything. The neat, clean, compact look requires it to be teamed with other neat, clean lines. Worn over an oversized shirt, or with baggy, loose fitting pants undermines the style of the jacket, and does nothing for your look.

Instead, wear it with a tight fitting tee or tailored blouse, with some well-cut jeans.

The versatility of the biker jacket goes beyond jeans, however, and it can readily be teamed with a fitted, stretch dress or skirt that reaches to mid-thigh. Add some knee high or ankle boots – nothing in between – and you’ll look simply stunning and really well put together.

It’s not really the piece to wear to the office, but will add some fun to your outfit for all your social occasions. Its clean lines can easily dress up an outfit, and you will still pass muster for ‘smart casual’ events and dress codes.

Black doesn’t mean you need to tie it in with black or dark blue jeans, either. One of the other great things about this piece is that you can have a bit of fun with it. Try a light, neutral or pastel on top, and bright capris or crop pants on the bottom.

If you do prefer a standard jean, then you can have some fun with the top, whether this is brights, pastels, plains or prints. In fact, the black biker jacket would look great with most prints, from geometric bolds to animal prints.

Whatever you choose to team it with, and it can be teamed with lots, it’s going to make an eye catching ensemble.

The simplest way to look your best.

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