Autumn/Winter Fashions for your shape - Styled By Sally

Autumn/Winter Fashions for your shape

There’s nothing better than snuggling up in a fabulous coat, chunky knit, woollen scarf and boots during the winter months. Here are personal fashion stylist Sally’s tips for this season’s fashions and dressing for your shape this winter:

The Belted Double Breasted Trench – great if you have a defined waist and reasonably small bust, but if you carry weight around your tummy, is petite and big busted, forget it. Opt for a single breasted coat (3 buttons max) in a long length, with no belt.

Ruffles – seems like ruffles have taken over everywhere. They’re feminine, floaty and pretty yet they’re not for everyone.
Broad shoulders: avoid ruffles on the shoulder, they will add width and give the same appearance as shoulder pads (a definite no-no)
Big bust: ruffles and frills this season are not going to be kind to you… they will just make you look bigger. If you insist on trying this style, look for fine and delicate fabrics that fall neatly across the bust and don’t add too much bulk.
Small bust: ruffles and frills this season are going to be your best friend. They add a little extra volume to the bust area, as will pleating and gathering.

Plaid and tartan – it’s all about combining these patterns with current styles to avoid looking like you’ve just stepped off the farm (or out of school). For example, a plaid scarf to update a winter coat, a fitted plaid shirt tucked into jeans or pants with a great belt, or a plaid coat with skinny jeans tucked into boots (note: this look is not for everyone)
Bigger builds- avoid this pattern in big, bold colours. Look for styles with a subtle plaid with a dark base colour such as black, charcoal or navy.

High waists – rules are pretty simple here; if you are short-waisted or big busted a high waist will not suit you. It shortens your torso and accentuates the imbalance of your upper and lower body. If you have a long torso and shorter legs then high waisted jeans/pants/skirts are great for you because they help to elongate your legs. Same rules apply for waist belts- ok if you have a long torso but not so great if you are short waisted and big busted.

The simplest way to look your best.

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