Are You Afraid Of Fashion? - Styled By Sally

Are You Afraid Of Fashion?


blog-scared-of-fashionThis might seem like an odd question to ask but I meet people every day who are just that – afraid of fashion.

Of course they don’t come out and just say it in so many words.

As a personal stylist in Melbourne, I hear  often things like ‘it’s too much work to look good all of the time’, ‘I will buy some clothes when I lose weight’, or ‘I’m just too busy to shop’. And these are exactly what they sound like – excuses.


Being afraid of fashion is nothing to be ashamed of. If selecting the right fashion picks were easy then we would all look great 100% of the time. If you walk down the street – any street – you will see that this isn’t the case.

With fear of fashion as an underlying issue it can ultimately lead to bigger problems. It will prevent you from updating your wardrobe and improving on your style. It will mean that you are hoarding articles of clothing that went out decades ago because you are afraid of trying something new.

Some people may gather up enough momentum to go into a store and then select the first thing they see regardless of whether it suits them or it goes with anything else in their wardrobe.

Again this only spells trouble and can worsen the situation.

When it comes to understanding fashion you first need to understand yourself. Take into account your lifestyle, body shape, personal style and what colours do or do not suit you.

Once you understand the general rules which apply to you, then you can use these rules to enhance and flatter your style.

Being able to walk into a store and buy something new is very empowering particularly when it is a skill you have just acquired.

The simplest way to look your best.

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