The Anorak ~ Rain Jacket Trend of 2017 - Styled By Sally

The Anorak ~ Rain Jacket Trend of 2017

One of the biggest jacket trends of the 2017 winter season is the anorak and rain jacket. Now these styles are nothing new, in fact as a personal fashion stylist,  I think it’s fair to say that many of you who enjoy a bush walk or a spot of sailing probably have one in your wardrobe.

But just like most other trends, the anorak has been given a new (stylish) lease on life and is literally everywhere on the high street. It’s fair to say they have come of age and left their ‘daggy’ reputation behind (well at least for now)

Anoraks and rain jackets are traditionally not overly bulky so they are a great trans-seasonal jacket. They are perfect for layering over knits and scarves in the cooler months, but equally work well over a tee in spring.

rain jacket styling

Above: Traditional Sportscraft Emmy Anorak in forest green $269.99

There are a few key notes to mention when considering this style to ensure your look is 2017 and not 1995.


The style of anorak that you’re most likely to see around is L-O-N-G. Long jackets as discussed in an earlier blog are huge, and long anoraks are the way to go.

khaki parka

Above: Topshop Camo Khaki Parka $124.95

The key to mastering this length is to ensure what you wear underneath is neat and fits closely to the body. Anything blousy or full of fabric will be too much and you’ll simply get lost in the jacket.

Lightweight Parka

Above: Topshop Tiny Dancer Lightweight Parka $139.95


Think the new season anorak could be mistaken for a rain jacket? That’s exactly what it’s supposed to look like.

Rains Curve jacket

Above: Rains Curve Jacket from Funkis $180

Made of fabrics such as polyurethane, polyester and nylon, the new season style is modeled off the traditional rain jacket. Just don’t go teaming it with your Katmandu fleece and hiking boots and you’ll be OK 🙂


Think of the anorak or rain coat as your ultimate trans-seasonal casual jacket. Team with jeans, a tee and sneakers for a casual cool weekend look. It will provide you with the versatility much like a denim jacket, particularly if you choose a neutral colour.

rain jacket

Above: The Fifth Label Patrol Jacket in Navy $119.95

Why not go for something fun like a metallic? This will add some punch to your winter wardrobe.


Above:Topshop Petite Mac metallic anorak $139.95

The simplest way to look your best.

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