3 Denim Jeans Every Man Should Have in Their Wardrobe - Styled By Sally

3 Denim Jeans Every Man Should Have in Their Wardrobe

3 Denim Jeans every Man should have in their wardrobe

Denim jeans are versatile and sturdy, making them a staple in every man’s closet. But with the many denim styles available, which one should you choose? Blue or black? Dark or light wash? With or without distressing? Selvedge denim or vintage denim?

The options can seem endless and quite confusing, so it’s no surprise that as a men’s personal shopping consultant they’re high on clients wish lists! In this article, we want to simplify the selection process by highlighting 3 denim jeans style that should be a part of your wardrobe, as suggested by Sally Mackinnon, your men’s stylist.

Classic dark blue jeans

Skinny Slim Jeans

The classic dark blue jeans are the most versatile pair of jeans you’ll ever own. Dress it up with a sports jacket, button down shirt and a pair of brown dress shoes or dress them down completely with a t-shirt and sneakers. The dark blue jeans can be styled in many different ways to suit several occasions. A slim, dark pair will remain timeless and keep you looking stylish from one season to the next.

Because of the dark wash on this pair of jeans, it looks great on everybody. Whether you’re slim or have a bigger build, it can hide skinny or thicker legs better than any other color. If your body type is a slim or regular build, opt for a slim fit. Slim fit jeans slightly hug the thighs, knees and calves while tapering down from your knee to ankle. For men with larger body types, the tapered leg fit is perfect as it can balance your body’s proportions by offering more room in the upper legs.

Vintage wash jeans

Mid blue denim jeans or vintage wash jeans have a lighter wash and are a great option for your wardrobe. Paired with t-shirts, hoodies and sneakers, they’re great for casual wear. But if you want to dress them up for a smarter casual look, then you can easily team them with a casual button-down shirt and a pair of boots for a polished but more relaxed look than your clean, dark denim.

Black denim jeans

A pair of black denim jeans is a great alternative to the dark blue jeans. They can be dressed up or dressed down, but it can be more interesting dressing them up. Are you having a fancy evening out? Pair the black denim jeans with a white button shirt and a statement sports jacket. Spending the afternoon having a beer with mates? Wear them with a t-shirt, bomber jacket and Chelsea boots. Whatever your plans are, you’ll always look smart and stylish.

How should men’s jeans fit?

The key to looking your best in any pair of jeans is fit. The jeans should fit you perfectly, not too tight, not too baggy. Here are some guidelines on how you can check if your denim jeans are a perfect fit:

  • They should fit your waist without a belt
  • They should fall to land on your shoes without too much excess fabric
  • They should fit you comfortably around the crotch area especially when sitting down
  • Back pockets shouldn’t sit TOO LOW on the bum – you want the pockets to hug your backside neatly

Keep in mind that if your denim jeans don’t fit you well, they won’t look stylish. An ill-fitting pair of jeans can also age you – considerably! Think of the fit of your jeans the way you would consider a pair of formal trousers. Consider the length, waist, seat, how well they fit around the thigh and how tapered they are.

What about distressed or ripped jeans?

Distressed or ripped jeans are also an option if you really want a casual, street wear look. They look great with a statement sneaker or chunky boot, a classic white t-shirt and leather jacket for  an edgy look. However, trends come and go. If your denim wardrobe is starting from scratch, ditch the distressed and stick to the classics for a timeless style and versatility. They’ll be ‘in style’ for many years to come.

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